“In the Cathedrals project, the cathedrals are shown as sounding objects. Riparbelli presents splendid aural documents or dioramas. It is man that makes these spaces resound, with his steps, speech, any sound generating activity. This is a dialogue determined by acoustic premises, enabling us to experience ourselves in the space of a sound. It also provides the possibility to engage in a retroactive dialogue between the sound of the self versus the sound of a space, for example by Alvin Lucier’s deliberate action in I Am Sitting in a Room or in the form of aural residues of human and lack of natural activity recorded on Jacob Kirkegaard’s Four Rooms. Riparbelli bypasses the hard-as-difficult aspect by offering simply the basic stone hard reverberation of the churches that wholly naturally projects an atmosphere of awe and veneration”.
Sven Schlijper